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Studio Legale


Foedus is a law firm formed by a group of young and talented lawyers, animated by a strong team spirit and committed to providing its clients with high-quality legal assistance and consultancy services, in different practice areas of civil law, in an efficient and concrete manner.

We usually establish and maintain very solid and lasting relationships with our clients, based on mutual professional and human trust, and build with them a close alliance and an actual pact of success, which is also what gives our law firm its name [1].

We combine our in-depth knowledge of law, innovative markets and international and local business practices, with a keen sensitivity to our clients’ business objectives.

All the lawyers of Foedus Studio Legale have gained significant professional experiences in leading Italian and international law firms.


[1] In ancient Roman law, “Foedus” was the pact and / or treaty of international alliance between Rome and other peoples and nations: in particular through the so-called “Foedera aequa” the different peoples stipulated obligations of cooperation, protection and mutual defence among themselves.

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The lawyers of Foedus are strongly committed to providing personal and “tailor-made” legal assistance to their clients, regardless of the size and value of the transaction and / or dispute. It is our priority to provide clients with high quality legal assistance services in the most efficient and timely manner. To this end, we pay close attention to the needs and objectives of our customer, in order to suggest the right solution to them even in the most complex situations. We are big enough to be able to provide a full range of legal services, yet still small enough to be able to provide our clients with personal and personalized assistance by the firm’s professionals.


Foedus brings together a team of professionals who have been working together for a long time, accustomed to teamwork with each other and with the clients, in order to achieve the common goal: the solution of the problem.


We have chosen to collaborate with other Italian and international law firms even if without any exclusivity bond. In this way, our commitment to assist our customers is never overshadowed by any potential conflict of interest. Thanks to this approach, we have developed a wide network of relationships with Italian and foreign professionals, and we are therefore able to suggest to our clients the “right” professionals in the various jurisdictions and areas of expertise.


We have gained wide experience in assisting our international clients in carrying out their investment transactions in Italy or in foreign jurisdiction, as well as in the management and resolution of the disputes involving them before Italian and foreign Courts. Our many years of experience in assisting companies based in other jurisdictions has provided us with the ability to guide our clients in the achievement of their projects and business objectives, as well as in the resolution of the disputes.

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