Litigation and arbitration


The professionals of Foedus have gained extensive experience in assisting leading Italian and foreign companies, banks and financial institutions in judicial and arbitration disputes, as well as in the related pre-litigation phases and settlement of the cases. In particular the professionals of Foedus specialised in the field of banking and financial law, corporate law and commercial contracts as well as in the sector of bankruptcy law, both in the domestic and cross-border context, thus consolidating their familiarity with the specific needs of international clients, as well as national ones.

The lawyers of Foedus Studio Legale have also gained wide experience in assisting leading banks and financial institutions in the management of complex situations of financial stress and in the relevant litigation fronts, disputing in particular in the field of investment and financial intermediation services, also assisting leading banks and their top representatives in the sanctioning proceedings promoted by the Supervisory Authorities (Bank of Italy and Consob).

Our Law Firm assists leading Italian and multinational companies, operating in various industrial and production sectors, in complex judicial and arbitration proceedings, in the matters of commercial and corporate law, unfair competition law and product liability.

In recent years, the professionals of Foedus Studio Legale have also successfully assisted a number of commercial companies in bankruptcy proceedings or in minor insolvency procedures and in the related bankruptcy litigation.

Our current Italian and international clients range from financial institutions to investment banks, from insurance companies to companies active in the renewable energy, Oil & Gas sector, from industrial companies to pharmaceutical companies, and active in the food sector; from companies operating in the Information Technology area to e-commerce companies; from listed companies (and their management) to small and medium-sized enterprises.