Company Law


The professionals of Foedus have gained wide expertise in assisting commercial companies (joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, cooperative companies, partnerships, etc.) and investment funds, both Italian and foreign, in all aspects of corporate law.

In particular, Foedus provides ongoing legal assistance with regard to the ordinary activity of a number of companies, providing legal advice for the correct and efficient functioning of their corporate bodies.

Our law firm also provides assistance and consultancy to our clients on complex corporate law issues, suggesting innovative corporate structures and operating schemes that best fit the interests and business objectives of the clients.

Foedus assists both Italian and foreign companies in the incorporation of their branches in Italy, carrying out, on behalf of its clients, all the activities required by law in this respect. More in detail, Foedus advises the client in the choice of the company structure, and then it assists the client in the implementation of the relevant corporate structure and governance.  We draft all the documentation necessary for the start-up of the “new-co”, from power of attorneys and By-Laws to the resolutions for granting the relevant powers to the members of the board of directors and, afterwards, we follow the company throughout all its business life.

Moreover, through its international network, Foedus also assists its clients in all stages of internationalization, including the incorporation of foreign branches outside Italy.

The professionals of Foedus have also gained extensive expertise in extraordinary transactions. They assist commercial companies and investment funds, both Italian and foreign, in carrying out extraordinary transactions in Italy (e.g. sale and purchase of shares or quotas, sales of assets and company branches, transformation, merger, spin-off, joint venture). More in detail, Foedus manages each extraordinary transaction by selecting a specific team of professionals who work on the project from the due diligence stage to the drafting and negotiating sessions of the relevant contractual documentation.

Foedus has also a wide expertise in corporate venture capital transactions, assisting start-ups, incubators, accelerators and investment funds, in seed financing, early stage and even in growth transactions. Our law firm also manages and implements club deals on behalf of angel investors.