In recent years, the professionals of Foedus Studio Legale had the opportunity to specialize in the cybersecurity sector, assisting primary operators of essential services and digital service providers in the preventive control of cybersecurity levels and related procedures, as well as in the management and prompt resolution of any cyber-attacks and data breaches.

In partnership with DEC (Digital Equipment Communication), a company specialized in the CyberSecurity sector, Foedus has created the so-called “Smart Threat Index”.

Smart Threat Index is a synthetic assessment index based on a proprietary algorithm, which can measure the degree and “temperature” of your company’s cybersecurity through a composite assessment of legal compliance and cybersecurity levels.

Smart Threat Index is accessible in the form of an online survey and, where necessary, through a so-called “CyberSecurity Audit” of the customer’s IT systems and assets: it delivers an overall summary score and offers a quick overview of the company’s specific critical and risk areas, based on which the clients can evaluate and plan possible corrective actions of their cybersecurity systems and procedures.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of cybersecurity, Foedus Law Firm, in cooperation with DEC, can provide its customers with timely assistance in the event of cybernetic attacks or data breaches and provide critical cyber-risk remediation solutions to promptly resume the company’s operations and productivity. The professionals of Foedus Law Firm also provide their clients with all the legal assistance for the identification of the authors of the cyber-attacks and data breaches and in order to obtain compensation of all damages suffered, as well as for the restoration of the reputation of the affected company.

Recently, Foedus Law Firm has also developed specific protection systems for data and information relating to top managers and representatives of companies, intervening both preventively and, in the event of attacks or data breaches, for the prompt resolution of such accidents as well as where necessary, for the reputational reconstruction of the subjects affected by attacks and data breaches.